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Expert Forensic Engineering and Accident Investigations for Testimony and Consultation

AIS Forensic Testing Laboratory, Inc. is a provider of expert forensic engineering for accident investigations for testimony purposes or case consultation (consultant to attorney). Our objective expert(s) have been qualified as an expert in federal and as well state and county jurisdictions across the United States of America and has also provides objective engineering expertise for corporations that desire to find the engineering truth when an accident occurs at one of their facilities.

The forensic testing laboratory has experience in boiler explosions, steam explosions, hot water explosions that result in burns as well as furnace explosions and power plant and heating plant design deficiencies as well as the following:

  • Fire Tube Scotch Marine Boiler Steam Explosion
  • Chemical Plant Explosion: (75,000-gallon) Tank Filled with Flammable
  • Boiler Factory Built Chimney Caused Campus Fire
  • Pipe Failure with Ensuing Fire in Chemical Plant
  • Water Tube Boiler Overheated and Melts
  • Codes and Standards Applicability: ASME, IBC, NFPA & Jurisdictional
  • Ammonia Refrigeration Leaks at Frozen Food Warehouses from Evaporator Fans
  • Pressure Vessel Overheated from Runaway Fluidized Bed Reaction
  • Chemical Plant Nitrogen Blanket High-Pressure Storage Tank Explosion
  • High-Temperature Hot Water (High-Pressure, Generator) Boiler Failures
  • Steam Pipe Explosion in Mechanical Room
  • Industrial Steam Turbine Mechanical Explosion: Overspeed
  • Black Liquor Recovery Boiler Smelt Water Explosion on Water Tube Boiler
  • Co-Generation Plant Design: LTA (Less Than Adequate)
  • Fuel Oil Storage Tank Leaks
  • Furnace Combustion Explosions
  • Boiler Connectors (Boiler breaching to Stack Breaching) Expansion Joint Failures
  • Electrical Welder Receptacle Mechanical Failure at Plug
  • Coal Furnace Door
  • Asbestos Boiler Manufacturing and Boiler Location
  • Hot Water Boiler Explosion/Burst
  • Mechanical Room Safety Permanent Ladder LTA Design
  • Hot Water Boiler Expansion Tank Failure
  • Mechanical Whole Tree Shredder Hammer Explosion
  • Condensing Furnace Functionality and Installation
  • High-Temperature Hot Water (High-Pressure) Manhole Explosions


AIS Forensic Testing Laboratory is also unique and one of the few labs that specializes in steam condensate explosions that involve an injury or a fatality whether in a building, steam tunnel, RICWIL, manhole or on a construction site or street.

AIS Forensic Engineering capabilities are:
  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
  • Accident Reconstruction and Site Reconstruction
  • Thermography (Infrared)
  • Mathematical Explanation of Physics, Chemistry and Thermodynamics
  • Microscopic examinations – Ultraphots by Carl Ziess
  • Electrical testing
  • Accident Site Photography
  • Non-destructive testing and Destructive
  • Testing
  • High Speed Camera
  • Evidence Preservation
  • Hydrostatic Testing
  • Engineering Drafting/Drawing for Conceptually Difficult Case Presentations
  • Video Presentation of Test Results
  • Heat and Mass Balance Evaluation and Testing
  • Safety Relief Valve Test
  • Chimney Assembly Test
  • Expert Forensic Engineering Consulting
  • Estimate Blast and Explosion Characteristics and Debris Fields

Why Use AIS Forensic Testing Laboratory, Inc.? Experience on reconstructing chain of events on cases that are over six-decades old to find causation and after site restoration. Our forensic laboratory has identified chains of events that initiated in construction that caused a roof fire from poor/lack of construction design and material that were used 15-years ago and years after the accident site was restored.

Our goal is to provide objective engineering truth using our forensic engineering resources that apply to expert engineering, technical testing using our laboratory facility with scientific objectivity. Wire Mesh preparation for FEA Finite Element Analysis on Pressure Vessel



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