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Forensic Accident Investigation Service for Losses and Claims

AIS Forensic Testing Laboratory, Inc. expert forensic engineers is a provider of forensic accident investigations for losses and claims. As an expert we have specialized knowledge and experience of equipment and process. When an accident site information has degraded an expert has the depth of knowledge and experience to investigate the accident site information in depth.

AIS Forensic Testing Laboratory, Inc. has experience in loss and claim service to find the cause and origin and facilitate loss estimates for assisting in setting reserves including business interruption, extra expense, expediting costs including repair costs.

  • Business Interruption and Extra Expens or Repair verse Replacement Analysis: Examples are -
    • Determine the engineering effectiveness of Repair
    • Engineering Expert Assessment and Analysis
    • Engineering Expert Review
    • Gantt (Time-Line) Chart by Expert Enginee

Their engineering expertise is enhanced by their experience in managing the intricate coordination required by losses involving multiple parties. Examples of some of the typical losses investigated are as follows over two-decades:

  • Water Tube Boiler
  • 28 Mega-Watt Steam Turbine Condensing Generator
  • 4 Mega-Watt Water Turbine Generator
  • Cement Plant Gyratory Crusher
  • High Pressure Superheated Steam Header Failure
  • Pulp Diffusion Washer
  • Forest Products Medium Density Fiberboard Press
  • Pulp Refiner
  • Wood Chip Steaming Pressure Stainless Steel Vessel
  • Pulp Continuous Digester Pressure Vessel
  • Aggregate Plant High-Voltage Switchgear
  • High-Voltage Switchgear
  • 28 Mega-Watt Steam Turbine (Condensing) Generator
  • Large Gearbox
  • 10 Mega-Volt-Ampere Power Step-Down Transformer
  • Cement Plant Kiln
  • 60 Mega-Watt Steam Turbine (Condensing) Generator
  • High-Voltage Switchgear
  • Large Check Valve
  • Fire Tube Scotch Marine Boiler
  • Cement Plant Ball Mill
  • 5 Mega-Watt Water Turbine Generator
  • Tissue Yankee Dryer (Rotating High-Pressure Pressure Vessel)
  • 5 Mega-Watt Water Turbine Generator

As expert forensic engineers AIS Forensic Testing Laboratory, Inc. will complete your accident investigation on your loss or claim. Telephone us immediately to prevent your loss from un-necessary excursions as a result of degraded site information when you need an expert with a depth of knowledge and experience to investigate your accident.

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